About Transitions Clinic

Transitions Clinic is an innovative clinic that establishes a medical home for individuals with chronic diseases recently released from prison. This unique model provides timely patient-centered medical services for these individuals and their families.

Located in the communities most impacted by incarceration, Transitions Clinic caters to individuals recently released from prison and assists them in successful and healthy re-integration into their lives and communities.

Transitions Clinic provides direct health care services and referrals to important social services needed upon release from prison, such as housing, employment, medical coverage and education.

Community health workers, who also have been incarcerated, guide our patients through the complex and fragmented healthcare system and social services network in the community.

Transitions Clinic believes that individuals on parole and with a history of incarceration:

  • Have a right to confidential medical services
  • Have the capacity to make the decisions about their own healthcare
  • Should be treated with respect
  • Should have access to timely, tailored and effective healthcare services