Tranistions Clinic Staff

Shira Shavit, M.D.
Director, Transitions Clinic
San Francisco, CA

Shira Shavit is a family physician who has been providing healthcare to incarcerated patients and their families for a decade. Following her patients from the community to the prison and back again, Dr. Shavit believes all patients have a right to excellent care regardless of the setting they happen to be in. She strives to make our current health system more just and equitable. She is also an Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at UCSF where she teaches students and residents about the health impacts of incarceration. Dr. Shavit is a member of the San Francisco Safe Community Re-entry Council.

Emily A. Wang, M.D.
Founder and Co-Director, Transitions Clinic
New Haven, CT

Emily Wang is an internist with a longstanding clinical interest in caring for patients with a history of incarceration. She has worked in prisons in North Carolina, southern China, Botswana, California, and most recently in New Haven, CT. Dr. Wang has taken valuable lesson from these prisons used them to make important changes in healthcare provision for incarcerated patients. She is also an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Yale University where her research explores incarceration as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and how correctional facilities can be a meaningful point of intervention to reduce the risk of disease in the community. Dr. Wang is a member of the New Haven Re-entry Council.

Clemens Hong, MD
Founder, Transitions Clinic

Clemens Hong is an internist with a passion for caring for vulnerable populations. He previously worked in San Quentin State Prison. He believes that the delivery of high quality healthcare to vulnerable groups, including formerly incarcerated individuals, requires tight coordination of medical and social services in the community. He has a strong interest in restructuring primary care delivery to these and other vulnerable groups with a particular interest in the role of community health workers in medical and social service coordination. He currently is a second year research fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital, and hopes to continue his work designing and evaluating community health worker programs after his training.

Levis Owens, NP
Primary Care Provider
San Francisco, CA

Levis Owens is a family nurse practitioner with over ten years experience working with patients with a history addiction and their families; focusing on family reunification. She also has extensive experience in medical detoxification, early intervention with drug exposed infants and substance abuse treatment for pregnant women. Levis has cared for patients both incarcerated and in the community. Levis also has been caring for patients with HIV for the last 4 years. She approaches all patients with empathy and the philosophy that harm reduction and meeting patients where they’re at empowers them to better care for themselves.

Ronald Sanders, CHW
San Francisco, CA

Ronald Sanders is a community health worker trained at City College of San Francisco and works to help individuals returning from prison to have a healthy and safe reintegration into their families and communities. Ron tirelessly has worked with this community for over a decade, first as a drug counselor and now as a community health worker. Having been incarcerated, homeless and drug addicted himself, Ron understands patients’ challenges and is a role model for those looking to end the cycle of incarceration. Ron also supervises community health worker students from City College, teaching them to provide high quality and effective services to this community. Ron is currently pursing his bachelor’s degree and is a member of San Francisco’s Safe Communities Re-entry Council.

Juanita Alvarado, CHW
San Francisco, CA

Juanita Alvarado is a community health worker who recently completed her CHW certificate at City College, San Francisco and her internship at Transitions Clinic. Juanita has overcome tremendous obstacles in her life including, substance abuse, domestic violence and incarceration to become an energetic advocate for patients returning from prison. Born and raised in San Francisco, Juanita continually gives back to her community through her compassion and dedication. She teaches monthly classes at San Quentin state prison to individuals about to be released.